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Frequently Asked Questions

equestrian tours1. What is so special about riding tours?
Riding tours invite active participation that includes engaging with the horse and your surroundings in a way that few other vacations or tours provide. Horses are a wonderful introduction to the real heart of a region, allowing you to see it from the inside out. There is also the joy of the unique bond between a horse and rider.

2. What level of riding expertise is required?
Basic riding skills are a must, but rides differ greatly in the amount of skill required. No matter how athletic you are, you need instruction and practice before going on a tour. If you are fit and not overweight, you will be safer, ride better, and you and your horse will enjoy yourselves more.

3. Are the rides expensive?
Compared to bike tours, walking tours and raft trips, they are generally cheaper, despite the added expense of the horse.

4. I am a Western rider. Can I do a ride with English tack?
Not necessarily. Good riding is much the same on any saddle, but some Western riders tend to ride too far back in the saddle which can sore a horse quickly in an English saddle. Not all Western riders are used to posting, which is required in English tack. A Western rider who thinks of his horn as anything except a place to dally his rope needs some lessons in riding.

5. How can I prepare for a riding holiday?
Enroll in lessons at a local stable, or spend a week at one of our instructional facilities. Be sure to include some trail riding as well as arena work. Being fit and ready to ride will ensure that you get the most out of your equestrian vacation.

6. Will I be out of place as a single?
Certainly not. Many of our guests come alone and quickly find friends in the group (usually 8 to 14 people). After all, these are people who already share many of the same interests like a love of horses and a spirit of adventure. Often participants have the option of sharing a room to avoid paying a single supplement.

7. What are the ages of participants?
Adults of any age can participate as long as they are fit and have the necessary riding skills. Riders generally range in age from 30 to 60 years.

8. Can children participate?
Yes, IF they have the weight, strength and endurance to handle a horse all day. Ask us which rides are better suited to younger riders.

9. I have a special diet. Can I be accommodated?
Yes. Special dietary requests can usually be accommodated with advance notice.

10. Are there hidden costs?
No. The ride price typically includes horses, tack, guide, accommodations, all meals and taxes. The cost of transfers to and from a major transportation hub varies. Other costs -- such as gratuities, museum entry fees, etc -- are clearly defined in the detailed ride information.


Your safety is our first priority. Working around any large animal and riding horses belonging to someone else is very different than riding your own. If we feel you are doing something potentially dangerous to you or your horse, we will tell you.

Riding helmets are available, and all riders must sign a release form prior to getting in the saddle. There are inherent risks when horseback riding, pay attention, and report problems to a staff member immediately.

What to Bring

This will vary depending on the trip or clinic you choose, but closed toe shoes or boots are a must-have!

See individual trip or clinic listings for information on necessary equipment and suggested items to include in your preparations.

Southern Oregon Area Attractions

Beautiful Ashland, Oregon has a quaint charm and artistic feel, and is located just minutes south of the Ranch. After your adventures, you may want to take a day to relax and enjoy the many amenities the town has to offer. The abundance of great restaurants, eclectic shops, and distinctive art galleries will satisfy shoppers and Epicureans alike. If you truly want to pamper yourself, book a massage at one of Ashland's luxurious day spas, and then stroll through lovely Lithia Park, the jewel of Ashland.

OREGON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVALThe OREGON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL is a cultural offering you won't want to miss. Founded in 1935, the world-renowned Festival is one of the oldest and largest professional theatres in the nation. The Festival runs from February through October, creating bold, fresh interpretations of Shakespearean classics, as well as contemporary plays.

You may also wish to enjoy an evening of music under the stars at the BRITT FESTIVAL, a summer performing arts venue located in historic Jacksonville, Oregon. It's a short and scenic drive from the Ranch to The Britt, which hosts a diverse range of artists in a beautiful hillside amphitheater. Sit on the gently sloping lawn with a gourmet picnic basket and a bottle of wine, and enjoy the exceptional music and summer sunset. The festival offers something for everyone, from dance, classical, jazz and blues to pop, rock, bluegrass, and country.

Once you have experienced the breathtaking natural and cultural marvels of the area, you will want to return year after year!

Jackson Wellsprings

JACKSON WELLSPRINGS' artesian waters promote rejuvenation, perfect for unwinding after your ride. For centuries, Native Americans have honored the warm springs on the banks of Bear Creek as a sacred ceremonial site. This 30 acre natural hot springs spa is minutes away from the Flying L Ranch.

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